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Ready. Steady Level up Image

Ready. Steady. Level up.

So, you’re levelling up, but you know something is missing with your branding. But, you’re not sure what it is or where the heck to start.

Ticked all the boxes when you were starting out? But, you’ve grown so much since then and if you don’t get it right now, you know it’ll hold you back? I get you, you’re a motivated business owner who takes action, and you’re ready to stop feeling the overwhelm of all the branding stuff and let your why shine through. You’re ready to stand up and stand out. It’s time to give your business the love it deserves.

Let’s face it, in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to make an impact and capture your audience’s attention.

Want kick-ass branding which blows your competition away, draws your clients in and intensifies your business to a whole new level?

Get stand out branding

Branding plays a crucial role in helping your business set a unique presence in your industry. It is a genuine and raw description of you. It’s your visual story that connects you with your people. After all, we’re all special, we all have unique personalities, and we all have a story to tell. Your business does too.

So, together, let’s take the next step, level up your business and bring your story to life. We’ll let loose your brand personality, knock the socks off your ideal clients and get you to smash through and shine true.

Rowena Preddy

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Quickee branding

The Quickee way makes it possible for you to go from no-go to logo and from bits and pieces to ‘holy cheeses!’ in two plus business branding days.

Magazine Design

Magazine design

With mastery in digital and print magazines, I create stunning layouts for brands and white-label projects, with over 350K copies in circulation.


Helpful freebies

Downloadables designed to be interactive, engaging and help you on your branding journey. From rebranding to brainstorming.

Hey you, yes you!

Hi, my name’s Rowena Preddy and I’m a small business branderer and magazine designer. 

While I’ll boldly back my mad design and branding skills every day of the working week, the part of the branding that I do (and I love the most) is how I’m working with small businesses.

They love that I’m all in. They love that they’re the only client I have on my business branding brain on their branding day. They love that they can turn their honesty dial to their highest high to get in and get it done. They love that they can feel confident and connected in designs that feel familiar. They love that they have someone on their side who works with them and who knows what their branding needs to do in their business. They love that I look at them knowing it’s possible. And, they especially love that they can breathe easy because they’re working with someone they can trust.

that’s what they said

Erin Duncan- Creative

Meet Erin from Erin Duncan Creative

“I know my branding will stand the test of time. Prior to working with Rowena I felt that the look and feel of my business brand lacked cohesion and that I was not able to clearly articulate my vision and voice. Now I feel that I have brand design that reflects my innate style and personality.”

Larine - Magazine

Meet Larine from Crush Magazine

“We are completely in love with our branding and proud to show it off! A masthead is the single most important marketing asset for any magazine. Preddy Creative understood our vision right from the start, and helped us get the foundations right to bring Crush Magazine to life.”

Meet Anna from The Studio Workshop

Meet Anna from The Studio Workshop

“Rowena has been a fantastic branding guru! She has taken the time to really understand my business and has put so much energy into crafting my branding from colours to key words as well as the look and feel. I never quite appreciated how important this is.”

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