Small business branding
that leaves a mark.


The Quickee way makes it possible for you to go from no-go to logo and from bits and pieces to ‘holy cheeses!’ in two business branding days! Yep, you can book your Brand Chat to get your business branding done and dusted without the branding bank balance being busted (aka, it’s absolutely afford-do-able).

you’ll feel a click when it’s right

Like you, many land here with blockers, barriers, and stall walls hiding your best biz bits.

Has your branding taken a backseat because it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time, the right person, or you’re just not sure what goes where?

I’m all about one thing—branding that leaves a mark.

Not that kind that stings, but that kind of branding that burns bright. It’s what your people go looking for when they need it.

Good looking branding will get you in the door. Brands that feel like they put the shiz in biz will get to stay.

Clock Image _ you’ll feel a click when it’s right


How you find your brand is how you’ll use it. The story of how you find your brand is one that echoes long after you’ve got your brand bits.

It’s like when you talk about one of those nights out. You know the one’s. The one’s that you never expected to turn out the way they did. It was just another night. And before you knew it, it was the best night ever! The music was pumping, everyone jumping and the next morning as your head was thumping, you feel only good vibes.

It’s one of those things that gets better with time.

that’s a good brand feeling.

wham. bam. thank you brand.

Jane - Client Love

Meet Jane from Not Plain Jane.

She’s all about bright fun gifts and homewares: nothing plain to see here. We were introduced by someone we both know, and it was clear in our first brand chat that this was a goer.

Jane knew what she wanted had heard I was the one to give it to her…

“I knew what I needed, I just didn’t know who could give it to me. You took everything I said and pulled it all together into the whole package. I had a tight timeline, and I didn’t have the energy to mess about. I loved how you called it the ‘wham, bam, thank you brand’ experience and that’s exactly what it was. I got what I wanted in the time I needed it.”

Here’s some of Jane’s biz brand bits…

Jane Brand
Jane Brand
Jane's Brand


True, it’s easy when you know what you want and find that person to give it to you. But, what if you’re not sure.

I hear you.

In the 20 years I’ve been in the branding biz, clarity’s one of the top blockers. I’ve got a knack, an inkling, a way of looking through the crush in the clutter to pick out brand parts.
Each step, I walk with you to push back the curtains of uncertainty or turn down the bravado of bold. Then, with a quick nip and tuck it no longer sucks. Here’s the moment you can see your biz bits stand out, step up, and ready to roll.

I hear you Image

from sceptic to believer.

Kathy - Client Love

Meet Kathy L. Rast, a message alignment specialist.

She does these things with words that seem odd to the eye and tickle the grey matter. I met Kathy when she became one of the columnists in Brand You. After speaking with Kathy, I could see there was something off—her online footprint felt nothing like her vibe. 

When I asked her, it was clear why she had put her branding off until now…

I honestly didn’t think you could come up with something because I had zero idea of what to tell you. I thought that if I didn’t have a rough idea of what it could be, then how would I know that you’ve done it right? It’s a me-not-you kinda thing. 

At first it felt like I was wasting your time, and then I could feel things stirring up. It wasn’t until I knew you were up for my level of honesty and what you created immediately after that…soooo gooodddd. 

From that moment, I was hooked and loving myself silly in what you were creating. After that first leap of honest feedback, it was all easy tweaks and twucks. You nailed it in all the right ways. I friggin’ loooooove it all!’

Kathy's Brand
Kathy's Brand
Kathy's Brand

meet quickee.

She’s easy in all the right ways. She knows what she wants, and she does something about it. Don’t be fooled, she’s not for everyone. 

Her difference is that she’s here for a good time and a short time. 

Two days, one outcome. That’s it.

Meet Quickee Image




  • Brand mood-board
  • Logo designs provided in all formats
  • Mini logo style guide
  • Email signature
  • How-to DIY handover videos
  • 15 minute Check-in call
  • 7 days of post project support




  • Styling mood-board
  • All provided as templates in Canva
  • Can include: posts, highlights covers, Reel cover, Facebook cover, LinkedIn banner
  • How-to DIY handover videos
  • 15 minute Check-in call
  • 7 days of post project support




  • Styling mood-board
  • Selection of customised branding: business cards,  postcards, labels, stickers, packaging, stationery, banners, merchandise.
  • How-to DIY handover videos
  • 15 minute Check-in call
  • 7 days of post project support




  • Styling mood-board
  • Selection of customised branding collateral as pre-discussed and prioritised
  • How-to DIY handover videos
  • 15 minute Check-in call
  • 7 days of post project support



She maybe quick, but in her branding bubble, time slows.

The key’s in her bones. We work through steps that have been crafted with what doesn’t and does work. The right pace for the space.

PRE-QUICKEE: We start as we mean to go on with real, raw honesty in your preddy creative questionnaires.

DAY ONE: I go down a research vortex to create your customised brand mood-boards. From your feedback I find a visual cross-section and TA-DA: mood-board approved. I then spend the rest of the day in my creative zone designing your logo options.

DAY TWO: Your initial designs arrive hot into your inbox and I make any tweaks and twists from your feedback. Then just like magic, a brand that didn’t exist 24 hours ago is all yours! All of your final files are tied in a neat bow and delivered to you the next business day.

POST-QUICKEE: Support and implementation. For one week after your files are handed over, you can ask me questions or let me know if you find there’s a need for a tweak.

Your two design days step out as…

Brand Chat & Deep Dive Questionaire
Custome Moodborad & Initial Designs
Finlalise Designs & Create Final Files
One Week Support & Implementation

give me easy.

Meet Antioni - Client Love

Meet Antigoni from Arc & Iris..

She’s all about solving gift problems with present solutions. Antigoni’s busy starting her business between her many moving life parts. When we started talking branding, she wanted her brand to be easy and for most of her design decisions to be done. She wanted to free up space to focus on creating fresh content that her people connect with. 

Antigoni told me…

I’ve got so much going on that I need it [branding] to be easy. If it’s easy, I’ll do it. I didn’t realise how easy it could be. I now look forward to planning in creating for my business because my templates are ready to use. I’ve taken what you gave me and what you taught me. I’m now making my own templates. I use them all the time.”

Check out how Antigoni stepped up own her brand…

Antigoni's Brand
Antigoni's Brand
Antigoni's Brand

FAQ you.


I’ve got you. I only have eyes for you during your two Design Days. That means, we’re connected by email, chat app, or zoom call. Call it a gut feel or those notches on my brand belt, we’ll find your answer.

Yes, if you’re serious. Like grey there’s more than one shade to hustle sideways. I’ll be honest, a Quickee’s not for hobbies or businesses still finding themselves. She works best when you know your niche, who you work with, what you do, and how you do it.

Yes, let’s get clear. Here’s some rough numbers:


  • Brand Chat (20-30 minutes)
  • Answering the questionnaire (1-2 hours).


  • Initial Zoom call (30 minutes).
  • Mood board review and sign off (about 30 minutes).
  • Initial design review (about 30 minutes)


  • Initial Zoom call (15-30 minutes). 
  • Design Sign-off (about 30 minutes). 
  • Second round (if required, 15-20 minutes).


Use it! Keep the good times rolling and put your branding to work. For the week after your get your branding package, you can ask questions and we can make minor tweaks as needed. 

Now we’re getting down to business. What many would call blunt or rude in other contexts is my baseline here. You get the best brand bits when you can clearly say what you do and don’t like about each design. If this is easy for you already, then this’ll be refreshing. If you’re concerned about hurting my feelings, I’ve got you. I step you up to speed on what’s normal here so you can settle quickly.

Yep, that’s possible and temporary. Because I’ve worked hard to refine how we reach your brand, you’ll grow your confidence with each step. You’ll sign off key stages which means you know what’s coming before our next step. Being preddy creative by name and nature, we make it work. If we’re not there yet, it’s a tweak and we’re back on track. 

Do you remember Kathy’s Story? Kathy didn’t love the first-round designs. Then, because she was so honest, the second round we nailed it and her branding’s now beyond what she knew was possible.

Life happens and despite best intentions, sh!t gets in the way. Usually, you’ll slip into the next available ‘Design Days’ date that works for you. Done.

It’s important you know, I’m there with you. You get your branding package, with:

  • your designs in different file types (.png, .jpg, .svg, .pdf, .eps)
  • walkthrough videos on how and where to use your design
  • design tips, don’ts, and dos.

Use it! The first week’s the most important. For a week, I hold space for you to ask questions. Those that put their branding to work straight away get the most out of it. As you need, you book design days to continue to build your brand bits. Also, I’m very social on the socials, and often checking out how my people step in and run with their branding.

You can book a design day any time. You’ve got your brand now and you can start creating your brand bits. If you book your add-on design day when booking your Quickee, then you get three consecutive days. Not sure which add-on is right for you? In our brand chat you’ll get an idea for what you need. As a rough guide, if you business mostly in-person, then a print package works best. If you’re about being on the line, then a social or online package is what you’ll want. Want something else? Maybe a workbook, webpage…whatever, you’re branding bones make it easy to book me for a design day as you need. Book here…
A wheel’s already amazing at what it does. We use what you have. It’s about building your brand bits. Bring-your-own-brand is when you know what you want, and you book a design day with me to get it done. Book here…
Quickee Banana - who’s not up for a ‘quickee’?

who’s not up for a ‘quickee’?

If it’s not a Quickee, does that make it a longee? Kinda.

The good news is there’s more than one way. First, ask yourself:

  • Do I need to get input from other people in my business before making the final decisions?
  • Do I think of my business as a medium or large business?
  • Do I need time to sit in my options before making my final decision?
  • Am I still finding my niche?
If you answered yes to one of these then, let’s find your brand here…

want to know how ready you are?