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course creator checklist

Get the ultimate clarity on your course launch with our “Ultimate Course Creator’s Creative Checklist” – the definitive tool for course creators ready to transform their knowledge into a visual masterpiece. This checklist isn’t just about crossing off tasks; it’s your creative partner, helping you sift through the clutter and spotlight what deserves your focus as you fine-tune your course into an engaging, memorable experience. 

Perfect for course creators at any stage, whether you’re crafting from scratch or leveling up your current content. Say goodbye to creative overwhelm and hello to a streamlined, show-stopping course.

“This is a really comprehensive and useful list! It really does cover all the bits and bobs you need to create and deliver your course not to mention all the things to market it.”


Quickie Rebrand

do I really need to rebrand?

This simple quiz will give you brand clarity in less than two minutes. Designed to help you to focus in on how you feel about your brand across its many different facets and to hone in on where your marketing dollars would be best spent to have the biggest impact.

Chances are, you know something is missing in your branding but you just can’t put your finger on EXACTLY what it is.

“This checklist is just brilliant, easy to use and so helpful to do a quick review of your business branding. It helped me realise I need to adjust my logo and colour palette to fall in love with my business again and to feel proud with my promotional material. I will be working on a clear branding voice, updating my website and calling on Rowena for assistance. Such a simple checklist that can analyse your need to rebrand across a number of areas.” 


Content Creation Brainstorm

content creation brainstorm

One of the scariest things can be a blank, white page.

There are times when we all run out of content ideas. I’ve been in this situation many times myself — drawing a total blank on what content to create and share. My favourite way to generate lots of ideas fast, has always been a quick and to the point brainstorm session.

The purpose of this interactive document is to get the ideas flowing, spark the your creativity and get content out of your head and out onto a page.

“This is so good! Beautifully designed and jam-packed with relevant content, compelling ideas, top quality and high value content.” 


Content Creation Brainstorm PDF
Quickee - Optimise Instagram

optimise your instagram

Get ready to level up your Insta game with quick and easy tips and tricks.Level up your Insta game with these quick and easy tips and tricks.

The elusive Instagram algorithm is ever changing and it can feel like you are chasing your own tail. This document focuses on what you can control by optimising your presence on Instagram.

“So many great tips and tricks for increasing your visibility on Instagram, all of which are quick to implement and will certainly make it easier for your biz to be discovered and engage with your potential clients or customers. Highly recommend it.”


Optimise your Instagram PDF
Content Creation Brainstorm PDF
Optimise your Instagram PDF