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In all my crazily creative glory. What you see, is what you get.

introducing me

Hi, my name’s Rowena Preddy and I’m a small business branderer and magazine designer.

In Preddy Creative, I have two sides to my branding business. On one side, I design magazines (yes, that’s a thing!) and on the other, I create
branding that feels familiar as soon as you see it.

Rowena Preddy- Work with me

While I’ll boldly back my mad design and branding skills every day of the working week,the part of the branding that I do (and I love the most) is how I’m working with small businesses. They’re loving themselves sideways knowing that they can get the best business branding in two days and they can get it done and dusted without the branding bank balance being busted (aka, it’s absolutely afford-do-able!).

And often, after we’re done, they tell me they’ve had so much fun, loved the pun, and they’re already ready to book in for their next Quickee.

my story

My story is not original, nor is it unfamiliar to almost every small business I work with—our stories overlap and go their own ways as all good work origin stories do.

You see, like my clients, I too was crammed and jammed in a space that didn’t fit, needing to conform to the norm…please. My earrings are a little too large, my ideas a little too loud, my laugh a lot too laughy, and just…that one thing that always seemed out of place.

Yep, I knew it wasn’t me that needed to change, but the way it was working could.

You see, businesses can work with any designer and get really good designs, and that was why businesses worked with me in the past—it’s not why they come to work with me now.

Businesses, especially small businesses, come to me because they love the way I work with them.

Rowena Preddy - They love that I'm all in

they love that I’m all in!

They love that they’re the only client I have on my business branding brain
on their branding day. They love that they can turn their honesty dial to their
highest high to get in and get it done. They love that they can feel confident
and connected in designs that feel familiar. They love that they have someone
on their side who works with them and who knows what their branding needs
to do in their business. They love that I look at them knowing it’s possible. And,
they especially love that they can breathe easy because they’re working with
someone they can trust.

Oh, you betcha, there’s a lotta love in this branding business.

Let's work together

Mikala - Let's work together

Meet Mikala from Inspired Office

“Now my brand is really reflective of me as a person. I was looking for someone who would just tell it to me straight and say it how it is rather than dithering around trying to say the right thing. Rowena being straight with me allows me to be straight with her about what I do and don’t like.”

Melissa - Let's work together

Meet Melissa from Merry-ishi

“Rowena showed her creativity by turning traditional Japanese design inspiration into the modern, funky, and unique logo and branding I had in mind. Rowena is a delight to work with, and her branding insights and design skills are exceptional. She’s one in a million!”

Gemma - Let's work together

Meet Gemma from Contently Driven

“Rowena is a rocking branding superstar to work with. There’s no holding back, its honest, real, raw and remarkable! She’s super talented in understanding what you want and then transforming it into something shockingly unbelievable. She took my brand to the next level.”

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