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This is where the magic happens and where I exicitedly showcase the incredible Quickee brands I've had the privilege of working on.

 Each is a labor of love, a testament to the power of design and a result of collaboration with amazing clients like you. Take a stroll through my portfolio, get inspired, and see how we can create design wonders together. Let’s turn your ideas into visual masterpieces!

Trudi fom

Trudi Boatwright

Trudi’s energy was lacking in her visual brand and considering she is in the business of playfulness, that was a big problem. She embraced the process, body mind and laughter and together we got it done.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 2 Custom Design Days

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, thank you cards, business cards, Canva social media templates, Canva proposal sheet templates, Canva presentation template, workshop collateral

“I feel great. It’s given me so much more confidence and has made me feel much more like a real brand. Not only was the work great, but the process was wonderfully exciting!

“I wasn’t expecting so much adrenaline and excitement from the Quickee.  It’s very clear Rowena does all the hard work behind the scenes, but the experience was exciting, fun and left me feeling like an absolute boss!  Ding. My phone would go, decisions needed to be made then and there… it was wonderful! What made it even better was I got a brilliant result!”

Trudi Boatwright Branding
Trudi Boatwright Branding
Trudi Boatwright Branding
Joy from

3 by three

Joy is in the business of expressive problem solving in the form of Forum Theatre. It is experiential learning on steroids that gives people insight into three psychological models by letting them watch actors bring to life scenarios that the client supplies. 3 by three was ready to stand on it’s own 3 feet and needed a clearly focused brand to do so.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, business cards, Canva social media templates, Canva information sheet templates, pull-up banner

“I really wanted branding that had energy and spoke to my target audience.  

“The Quickee service was exactly what it said it would be. Quick, professional and enormously skillful. The whole process was incredibly easy and actually fun, while still challenging me to think about my brand positioning. The final product was beyond anything I had imagined.

“Rowena nailed it!”

3 by Three Branding
3 by Three Branding
3 by Three Branding
Vanessa from

The Makeup Insider

Vanessa was struggling to create an Instagram grid she liked for her podcast for makeup artists, The Makeup Insider. 

Days: 2-day Branding Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Podcast cover, Canva social media templates, Canva lead magnet templates, interactive workbook.

“I used Rowena to rebrand my side hustle. I needed something fast and affordable however I had a clear idea of how I wanted it to look. The process was easy and if I wasn’t liking something I felt comfortable to say so. Rowena always GOT what I was wanting and made changes. Now I have a clear plan and rules around my Insta grid and branding.

“Thank you Rowena, I hope we Quickee again soon.”

The Make Up Insider Branding
The Make Up Insider
The Make Up Insider Branding
Rachel from

Gd Skn Knd

Rachel was ready for a new name and a new look for her skin care brand. But with big change comes a big branding checklist: bold new logo, cohesive suite of branding bits and a guide on how to DIY it all after the dust settles.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Social Media Day + 1 Collateral Day + 2 Custom Design Days

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, thank you cards, Canva social media templates, packaging labels, product renders

“Rowena is a wizard! Not only is she thorough, she also provides the templates and guidelines in a simple format for you to recreate. Not only saving time and money in design fees but allows business owners to do their own adhoc work.

“Don’t let the Quickee fool you, it leaves you satisfied and you will feel like you have had the best session of your life. 

“The process is fast yet precise. It’s not only affordable but it’s jam packed with more information and templates for DIY-ing than I have ever had before.

“No need to spend all the moola to get the quality. I have never been given the level of care that I did working with Rowena. I was left with a clear, concise direction for my business branding that looks professional.

“I have never worked with a designer that could get into my brain and pull out all of the moving parts like Rowena did. “

“As a small product business, design is one of the most costly expenses, I was paying through the nose for a couple of social templates. Rowena’s process allowed me to have all the tools at my fingertips for one set price. AMAZING.”

GD SKN KND Branding
GD SKN KND Branding
GD SKN KND Branding
Alana from

Connected Experience

Alana wanted her branding to reflect her personality more. She last did her branding before the pandemic when her client was much more corporate.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, business cards, Canva social media templates, Canva presentation templates, Canva proposal templates

“I needed a brand refresh. Having launched my business just prior to the pandemic, I felt the world had changed and wanted to change my branding to reflect that.

“The Quickee process was slick! From pre-design day questionnaires to delivery of the outputs. It was a quick, efficient and effective experience. 

“Rowena has a super power for sure! She was able to understand my business, my clients and turn it into a really funky brand that matches ME!!! When I grow up, I want to have this super power!”

Connected Experience Branding
Connected Experience Branding
Connected Experience
Dee from

Youth Tourism Victoria

Adventure Tourism Victoria was changing their name to Youth Tourism Victoria which prompted the need for an updated logo and branding. Dee, the behind the scenes doer of stuff, needed easy peasy brand templates that meant she could get it all done faster.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Social Media Day

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, Canva social media templates including Facebook and LinkedIn banners

“We just had no idea where to start when it came to branding. We sort of knew what colours we wanted (or didn’t want) and the general feel, but zero idea how to make that into something constructive. We are over the moon new with our brand.

“The process was so quick and easy! I cannot reiterate that enough, I just imagined it would be us emailing saying we don’t like something and then five days later getting a revision and this going on and on for months (which is what I’ve found before when dealing with pretty much anything like this).

“I had no idea branding could be so much fun! From the first conversation we knew we wanted Rowena to be the person to look after our brand. Rowena blew us away with her passion and talent but what really got us is her system and how efficient she is. She makes me want to be a better person and be that efficient in everything I do! Rowena is a breathe of fresh air and she got us and what we wanted to achieve right away.

“Honestly it’s made such a difference to YTV, I can’t even explain how much of an impact you’ve had on us. “

Youth Tourism Victoria Branding
Youth Tourism Victoria Branding
Youth Tourism Victoria Branding
Renae from

Play Therapy School

Renae was on a tight deadline. She had all her bits booked to launch her new venture, Play Therapy School except for one vital bit: a striking brand that would stand her out from her competitors.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee

Outputs: Logo and logo marks, style guide

“I was all over the place with what I wanted, it wasn’t clear! From that first questionnaire things came together really fast! Rowena just understood so easily and created beauty!

“The Quickee was just what I needed. It provided me with a very simple but fast process which produced perfection! I was under a time crunch and I’m grateful Rowena could fit me in for the Quickee!

“I also felt like Rowena really cared about me and my business, it is clear that she absolutely loves her job and is VERY talented!”

Play Therapy School
Play Therapy School Branding
Play Therapy School Branding
Helen from

The Organised Effect

Helen had set herself a deadline to get her new organising business, well, organised. However, a previous branding relationship had left her bruised and more than a little hesitant to embark on the process again for The Organised Effect. Since completing her Quickee, she has become a star student and proudly has her brand displayed from her website and collateral to car signage.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Social Media Day + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, business card, email signature, customised icons, Canva social media templates, downloadable checklists, car signage

“With the Quickee I didn’t have time to procrastinate about decisions, I just went with my gut. The result, branding that’s very professional but still has loads of my personality.

“From the start I knew I’d made the right decision. The process was so detailed yet easy to follow. Rowena made feedback incredibly easy to provide and I never felt rushed through the process. She has this incredible energy and sense of humour about her that makes the whole process fun.

“You could spend forever making branding decisions on your own, but why would you when the Quickee makes it so easy to have the branding that you want by the end of the week!”

The Organized Effect Branding
The Organized Effect Branding,
The Organized Effect Branding,
Colleen from

Building Connections

Before Colleen had a Quickee she knew her branding wasn’t aligned with her or her business. She found it boring and way too serious and was uncertain what to do to make it reflect her core message.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, email signature, style guide, business card, customised icons, event pull-up banners

“Rowena’s Quickee process was amazing! I loved the structure, it helped me uncover how I want to be seen. Rowena nailed it! My branding is magnificent I can’t wait to finish plastering it everywhere

“The process was super quick and oh so easy. I now have a very organised branding file and brand guide to keep my branding on point.”

Steve from

Steve Bobs Coaching

Steve works with people who have lost some of their zest for life’s adventure. With his strategies and practises they can live a life of ease and creativity. It was ease that brought him to Quickee.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee

Outputs: Logo, business cards, facebook header and social media Canva templates, email signature.

“I needed branding for my business to stand out. I knew my brand story but I was overwhelmed with everything else and didn’t know where to start. Then came Rowena! The process was fun, fast and easy! I got everything I needed, all in under 2 days. It was a fantastic experience.

“Not only that but it looks so cool! I am proud to send through my quotes, invoices and promotional material. I highly recommend working with Rowena, she is an expert at this branding stuff.”

Elke from

Coach Elke

Elke was starting from scratch in her very own coaching business and knew that she needed a simple, easy to use brand that supported her self confessed technology challenges.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo and tagline, business cards, email signature, Facebook and Linked In header Canva templates, social media Canva templates

“Rowena from Preddy Creative is a fabulous designer who created my branding quickly with no shortcuts! I would not hesitate to recommend Rowena for your design needs, especially if you want great results, fast!”

Lisa from

Dementia with Dignity and Care

Lisa didn’t really have a brand. Much of her work was word of mouth but she was considering moving into conferences and establishing a presence online. Her unique view on Dementia care needed a brand that was a true representation of all she stands for.

Days: 2-day logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, business card, email signature, social media templates, pull up banner, name badges, proposal templates and more

Jane from

Property Styling School

Jane has been in the property styling business for most of her career and was ready to share her expertise with the world. Property Styling School is a learning and training school for people wanting to start a career as a property stylist and needed a brand.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee

Outputs: Logo, social media templates, tagline

Katheryn from

Design my Garden

Katheryn’s partner is a Landscape Architect, and together they had the idea to start an on-line residential garden design service. They wanted a fresh-look brand that appealed to a high-end demographic and would continue to work as they scale to become a national service.

Days: 2-day Logo Quickee + 1 Custom Design Day

Outputs: Logo, business cards, social media templates, advertising templates, magnetic car signage

Lauren from

Blue & Ruby Cake Art

Lauren came to Preddy Creative ready to put her DIY-ways behind her, excited for a professional rebrand.

“Rowena thoroughly researched my industry to see where I was fitting, and how I could stand out against my competitors. She listened, she challenged, and worked really closely with me to find a way for me to stand out.

“Before I was always second guessing my brand look and feel, and spending hours on fonts and colours, still not knowing if I was on the mark.

“I now have a stronger, bolder version of what I was trying to achieve, but didn’t have the skills, knowledge or systems to do it. Rowena explained EVERYTHING to me as we worked through my rebrand, and I have already noticed an increase in my social media following and engagement.”

Rowena Preddy Portfolio
Rowena Preddy Portfolio
Kelly from

Bubba Ready

Kelly is all about empowering families in the exciting – but at times vulnerable and overwhelming – stage of preparing for a birth. Having had to prepare for her baby’s birth with little notice, she understands firsthand the importance of feeling prepared and calm, and how this impacts the mental health and wellbeing of a new mum.

Although Kelly knows her customer inside out, she didn’t know where to start with the branding for her new business, Bubba Ready, but was open to the process.

“She has created the PERFECT logo design. Not only did it meet all my objectives, but it meets objectives I hadn’t even thought of yet. It has captured my vision for the business, and what we stand for, perfectly.”

Lila from

Four Pillars of Destiny

Lila works in the beautiful space of Chinese astrology, specifically the art of Feng Shui. Lila’s ‘why’ is inspiring: “Feng Shui creates harmony within one’s self, and I’ve seen the great impact this practice can have, not only on my life but on others around me. It’s powerful and energizing.

Lila’s passion for her craft and her business really is a gift, however this was not being communicated well, with inconsistent branding and a logo that no longer served her.

“I lacked confidence in my logo and branding, and struggled to find direction on how to give it meaning. Rowena really made me feel safe, she listened to my fears and concerns and used her creativity to make magic.

“I love everything. I now feel much more confident.”

Erin from

Erin Duncan Creative

Erin is a freelance illustrator and pattern maker with a style that has been described as feminine, whimsical, soft, elegant, earthy and magical. Prior to working with Preddy Creative she felt that the look and feel of her business brand lacked cohesion and that she was not able to clearly articulate her vision and voice.

“Now I have a brand that reflects my innate style and personality. I am so proud and comfortable with my branding and I know it will stand the test of time. My branding transformation with Preddy Creative has been a game changer and a pivotal part of my business journey.

“Rowena’s process actually led me to define my unique brand personality and strengths. We nailed down a style and framework for delivering my offerings that I would never have found on my own. This has made me so much stronger at delivering my message and my products which in turn has grown my subscriber and client base.

“She is savvy, genuine and committed. She will champion you and belly laughs will be a regular occurence.”

Rowena Preddy Portfolio
Rowena Preddy Portfolio

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