Quick and easy business branding without any compromise on quality 

They say patience is a virtue. They also say good things come to those who wait. I’m not 100% sure who ‘they’ are or how they came up with these sayings, but I bet they weren’t hustling biz owners!

Sure, we could sit around twiddling our thumbs, believing we need to wait for greatness, but that’s not how savvy businesses work. At least not the ones I’ve met.

As a brand designer, I work with business owners ready to step in and show off what they’re really about. They want innovative design to drive their business forward and are ready to do it NOW. 

They’re not trying to be virtuous and waiting for whatever good thing is meant to be coming at them! They’re action takers, ready to take on the world. 

And I love this. 

And I match it. 

When my clients want branding done now, that’s when I offer them a Quickee! 

First, you may want to know a little about me…

For those of you who find a business branding Quickee exciting – awesome – you get me. It’s part of my fun, crazy creative glory! 

I’ve always been quick and for the longest time I was told it had to be slow. Can you imagine 20 years of being told your way of working was not what was normal and you’ve got to do it the way it’s always been done?!

One day while I was drawing a blank of how I was going to keep going along with the normal way, I realised I could design a new way.

What followed has been a road trip meeting the most amazing, passionate, driven, ass-kicking women I never thought I could work with.

So why do you need to understand my story? 

Well, it’s important because that quality that comes so quickly now in a biz branding Quickee has a past she’s proud of in all the biz bragging ways.

The best kind of quality can be seen, but the really good stuff is felt.

My branding jam is about designing bits that feel the goods in all the ways.

And yes, it may come in the form of a business branding Quickee! 

I want to clear up a misconception. 

If you think your designs won’t be as good because you receive them fast – that’s totally not true. 

Quick is not rushed.

Quick doesn’t skip, miss or cut corners.

Until you know different, this is true to some. But not here. 

Here, quality is a Quickee. 

The Quickee is the ‘new normal’ way of designing branding in your business. 

Your superior quality Quickee business branding is backed by years of experience.

PLUS, you have my undivided attention for 2 whole days.

Here’s how a business branding Quickee works – 2 days & 1 outcome!

Quickee’s don’t work for everyone (I get that), and I’m a lady who likes to get to know you before offering a Quickee. 

So, before we jump into it, you’ll need to fill out questionnaires and ask me any questions. Don’t stress if you don’t know all the answers – that’s why you have my undivided attention for 2 days. 

Day 1:

  • You receive a custom mood board with my feedback or questions
  • You review the board and give your brutally honest feedback 
  • We chat about concerns/clarifications 
  • You sign off the vised mood board 
  • I start to design your logo options

Day 2:

  • You receive your initial logo designs
  • You review them and tell me all your likes or dislikes
  • We chat about concerns/clarifications 
  • I will revise your logo (if needed) 
  • You sign off on your chosen logo
  • I create your email signature and other items (if time)
  • I create all your final files to be delivered the next business day

The following week, you’re free to ask me any questions or let me know if you find anything that needs a tweak.

Antigoni from Arc & Iris and I recently shared a Quickee (and it was amazing!)

And I’m a bit chuffed to share she was totally satisfied! 

Here’s Antigoni’s story.

It seems to be the story of most businesswomen, with Antigoni starting her high-end gift box business around the many moving parts of her life. FYI, her business is fantastic – she solves gift problems with present solutions! 

What Antigoni wanted from her business branding:

  • The process to be easy
  • Her designs to work for her and inspire her customers
  • Templates, templates, templates with enough of the design done and room to play when she was feeling frisky

How she got what she wanted:

After our time together:

  • Print business and thank you card designs
  • Templates for her highlights, posts and stories
  • Even her packaging for the goods

How long it took for Antigoni’s business branding:

Some Quickees want a little more time. Antigoni knew that she wanted the whole package and added 2 extra design days to get all her branding ready. Her entire business branding took 4 days (from go to whoa)! 

What she said about her Quickee business branding experience:

“I didn’t realise how easy it could be. I now look forward to planning and creating advertising and products for my business because my templates are ready to use. I’ve taken what you gave me and what you taught me. I’m now making my own templates. I use them all the time”. 

Check out how she stepped up her brand here:

The moral of this story: Superior business branding can be done quickly 

It’s all about experience and processes. Both of which I’ve nailed as a brand designer

And honestly, it’s like any industry. You’ll always find that people with more experience and processes will get jobs done faster. 

A plumber will change a shower head quicker than his apprentice. 

A local delivery driver will get your dinner to you quicker than a non-local who doesn’t know the shortcuts of the area.

A brain surgeon will find and fix bleeds quicker than a student doctor. 

You get my drift. 

Experience means speed.

You’re paying for experience, not time!  

Now it’s over to you – are you up for a Quickee? 

If the thought of finally getting your branding under control has left you with shivers (the good kind – not the nails down a blackboard kind), then you’ve got to book your free business branding chat with me. 

For those a bit more reserved and not ready to jump into bed with a stranger, here’s a bit more about me and my Quickee business branding

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